Libreadvice Joins WT:Social

This is a special bilingual article. While this site is mostly written in Italian, this article wants to be comprehensible by the largest number of people.

Questo è un articolo speciale in due lingue. Benché il sito sia per la maggior parte in italiano, questo articolo vuole essere comprensibile alla maggior parte delle persone. Leggi l’articolo in italiano

Libreadvice is happy to announce its boarding on WT:Social! Libreadvice’s team seized the opportunity to talk about the brand new social network. We wrote this article for two reasons.

The first reason is to introduce ourselves, our project and the use of this Subwiki. This project is still growing but has helped many people to understand simple concepts on Free Software.

Secondly, we want to make a call for people who believe, like us, that having a tool like WT:Social is important. Sharing thoughts on Free Software using a platform like Libreadvice is useful for people to understand the role of technology and their role within it.

What is WT:Social and why this social is important for us

WT:Social, also known as WikiTribune Social, is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users contribute to “subwikis.” As the word “Wiki” suggests, the project was founded by Jimmy Wales, co-creator of Wikipedia. The first goal of WT:Social is to release certified news, fighting the overcoming Fake News spreading of nowadays.

The website has now reached more than 300 thousand users. Although WT:Social will be free in the future, at the moment one does not simply have to register to join the social website but has to wait in a queue or pay a subscription. This allows WT:Social team to have a great number of users to test their algorithms and functionalities but makes the social network much more resilient to overcrowding.

While it is not immediate to get in it is still possible to invite people to join the network and contribute as a translator or developer.

The website takes inspiration from WikiTribune that allows journalists and volunteers to publish neutral and certified news.

What is Libreadvice

Libreadvice is a website that aims to publish guides, articles on Free Software, how to use it and how to understand it. Furthermore, Libreadvice considers Privacy a heading topic as much as Free Software.

We are two Italian students; we created Libreadvice to spread information and news on technology. We feel like debunking news is crucial in software topics. Technology plays a central role in our lives, environment, and politics.

Libreadvice is just born, so we need contributors such as writers, designers, and translators.

We would like to use WT:Social to build a community. Building a free, healthy and democratic world is possible and it is not meaningless. We are many, we have a voice: raise it!




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